COMPO EXPERT Hellas SA: Establishment and Operation of Branding Office in cooperation with Tropos Branding Co


Subject: “COMPO EXPERT Hellas SA: Establishment and operation of Branding Office in cooperation with Tropos Branding Co

Athens, June 12, 2017

It is with particular pleasure that the Management of COMPO EXPERT Hellas announces the extension of its cooperation with Tropos Branding Co (member of DKG Group) with the establishment and operation of a Branding Office. The two companies have already been collaborating for 2.5years in the field of e-Branding, through the e-Compo 360 project.

Photo(left to right): Dimitris Garzonikas, Georgios Mitsopoulos, Christos D. Katsanos

“Innovation has always been in the DNA of the COMPO Organization. Therefore, we could not but innovate in the field of branding as well. As we believe that we do not belong in the narrow sector of fertilizers but in that of Food Chain in general, we also believe that we need to acquire new skills so as to face the challenges of the future. I am confident that this new endeavour of COMPO EXPERT Hellas will set the example for the rest of the COMPO EXPERT Group organizations worldwide”stated Mr. Panagiotis Chamakiotis, Regional Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“At COMPO EXPERT Hellas we have under our supervision several markets in addition to the Greek one. Our high-quality products, as well as our values and principles, need to be communicated in modern ways, such as through projects and programs. Cooperating with a company that is deeply knowledgeable not only about the markets in which we operate but also, and most important, about their cultures, came about naturally. In the last 2.5 years we have managed to find a formula for working together, and so the establishment of a Branding Office in collaboration with the executive officers from Tropos was a natural development. We expect many benefits from this cooperation”, stated Mr. George Mitsopoulos, Head of the Balkans and Middle East.

“Synergies are a one-way street in modern-day business. The philosophy of branding has long been distinct from those of marketing, advertising and product promotion. It is quite some time since we progressed from story-telling to story-doing; and this has encompassed the creation of Tribes. This is precisely our common point with the scientists of COMPO EXPERT Hellas and the entire network of associates, clients and users of our products”, stated Mr. Christos Katsanos, Brand Strategist for Tropos Βranding.

“Branding is an art as well as a science. The tools we use are constantly evolving. Branding Office is also such a modern tool. So far, few companies have realized its value, and fewer still have invested in it. One of those few is COMPO EXPERT Hellas. We are happy for this development”, concluded Mr. Dimitris Gartzonikas, Project Manager for Tropos Branding.

Corporate information for COMPO EXPERT Hellas:

COMPO EXPERT Hellas is a subsidiary of the COMPO EXPERT Group, established in 1956 and having its headquarters in Munster, Germany. Under its supervision are the markets of the Balkan Peninsula and those of the Middle East. It has a factory in Patra and deploys an extensive network of specialized agronomists to cover all geographical areas and types of crops. The specialized and innovative products that markets, meet the needs of a wide range of broad acre crops, vegetables, fruits and vines, nursery & ornamentals, turf & public green, landscaping and forestry. The high quality and technology of the products combined with high-level expertise of COMPO EXPERT Hellas personnel, guarantee success.

Corporate information for TROPOS Branding Co:

Tropos Branding Co is the newest member of the DKG Group. It has won awards for innovation for two Branding projects in Food Chain. It has introduced to the market the e-360 tool, the Corporate TV, and the Branding Office. Its executives are experienced in media, corporate consultancy, food production and project execution.

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Sotiria Maroula / COMPO EXPERT Hellas
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Dimitra Notiou / TROPOS Branding Co
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